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New Thoughts About RV Rentals in a Post-Covid World | Redline Rec Toys

An RV parked on a lake at sunset. National Park

Are you looking for a fun way to restore and regroup after the last two years? Or do you just love spending time outdoors with your family? If so, renting a recreational vehicle may be the perfect solution for you! Covid-19 has changed a lot of things for us all in the last two years, but the benefits of being in the Great Outdoors remains steadfast. The restorative benefits of nature and sunshine can’t be beat, and RV rentals offer a variety of ways to get you and your loved ones out there. Here are 10 of the best benefits to renting an RV from Redline Rec Toys:

  1. Renting a recreational vehicle is a fun and affordable way to travel with your family, friends, and beloved pets. With the appropriate planning, everyone can enjoy vacation together. You don’t have to build the cost of kenneling your pet into the final budget, or plan plane tickets for everyone. In fact, unlike other kinds of vacations, the more people who join in an RV vacation, the more money you save!
  2. RV’s come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. Redline Rec Toys has both Camp Trailers and Class C RV’s available.
  3. RV’s can tow, so you can bring a car or extra recreational toys with you. Depending on your destination, you could bring Personal Watercraft, a 4-Seater UTV, and more. This expands the possibilities for vacation activities, no matter where you end up or in what season! 
  4. You can choose from a variety of destinations, or go to multiple in one trip, and engage in multiple activities in any location. Beaches, national parks, RV resorts, oh my! Everyone can choose a stop along the way and everyone can choose an activity at each stop.
  5. RV rentals come with all the amenities you need, including kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping spaces. There will be no rush hour traffic to deal with at dinnertime, because your kitchen and groceries are at hand. No need to panic and drop everything to find a bathroom for the youngest, newly-potty-trained member of the family. 
  6. No more missing out due to travel time to and from a hotel. The hassle of packing up the kids and items you need for the day before driving to a beach in the morning, by which time you’ve missed that sunrise you wanted to see, is gone! There’s no worry about leaving vital items behind in the hotel room, or worries about hotel security while you’re out; everything travels with you. No more waiting for everyone to wake and get ready so you can begin the adventure. When you rent an RV, you can simply stay ON the beach or lake, wake up, and take your coffee right there as you watch the sunrise. Whatever the activity: kayaking at noon, an early morning hike, surfing in the evening, or trail riding in a UTV, you are at your destination and home is with you.
  7. RV camping requires little set up and tear down in comparison to tent camping, which means more time for activities. There should be as little work as possible between you and your adventure!
  8. Less worry about the unexpected. Whether it’s a drop in temperature at night or sudden inclement weather, despite careful planning, you can’t account for everything. While tent camping, these things would be a nuisance for the young and hearty, but the very young and the elderly would be forced to alter the vacation. For this reason, we consider RV’s to be the most inclusive travel option for all ages and abilities. In the event that something unexpected occurs, adventures are still possible for everyone in an RV! Also, if the “unexpected” is curious critters of various sizes and dispositions… you’re better off in an insulated and locked RV, as opposed to a canvas tent!
  9. Redline Recreational Toys offers great customer service and support, so you can relax and enjoy your trip worry-free! In addition to helping you sign up and reserve your RV rental, with our staff’s experience we also offer: trail suggestions for any take-along recreational toys, safety training, equipment training for those new to RV’s, park and campground recommendations, and meal planning tips. For any hiccups which happen along the way, we offer 24/7 customer support.
  10. At the end of your trip, you turn over the keys to the RV and you’re done! Once you have thrown out your trash and removed any items you brought on board, your work is done. We take care of deep cleaning, maintaining, and storing the RV until the next adventurer grabs the keys. We truly offer you All of the fun, and None of the hassle.

The world changes, but the benefits of being outside remain the same, and Redline Rec Toys makes it easy to get there. So what are you waiting for? Call Redline Rec Toys today, and we’ll help you plan your next vacation!

Thanks for reading!