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Our Favorite Winter Destinations in Idaho

Contrary to outsiders’ popular belief, Idaho has so much to offer all year round. Longtime residents know just what makes our magnificent state so great in the summer and winter months. We all know Idaho has an abundance of land reserved for recreational use, but just what do we like to use it for? Our state has no shortage of ski resorts (18 in total), hot springs, parks, trails, and land open for snowmobile use, for all of its’ residents to use. We polled our office to discover our team’s top destinations to enjoy their winter months with family and friends.



The first destination on our list is McCall. Only two hours from Boise, McCall is probably already on your radar; if not, add it to your must- see list. With an average of 130 inches of snowfall per year, this little town has become quite the attraction in the winter months. What’s even better is the RedLine location on the way into town. This makes it so easy to reserve a toy and not have to worry about hauling it all the way to your end destination. Whether you stay indoors or traverse the outdoors, there’s something for everyone.

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Burgdorf is our first must- see in McCall that you’re sure to enjoy. This amazing little resort is home to hot springs that are a long- standing McCall feature. During the summer months, Burgdorf is accessible by all vehicles; but during the winter, the only way to get there is by snowmobile. 


The McCall Winter Carnival has a longstanding tradition dating all the way back to 1924. Each year, thousands of people flood McCall to enjoy the events, from their famous snow sculptures, to the snow-bike races and Monster Dog Pull. This year, the Carnival is running from January 25th to February 3rd with the theme of Legends, Myths, and Superheroes. 


Another key to the heart of McCall are the two major ski resorts located within 30 minutes of the town. Tamarack Resort and Brundage Mountain Resort  are two resorts that every skier and snowboarder should visit while in Idaho. Easy to get to, with lessons for every level, they are both complete with a variety of terrain to suit everyone’s interests. 


Sun Valley

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When you think of Idaho athletics, ice hockey may not be the first sport that comes to mind. Along with the team everyone knows about, the Sun Valley Suns are located in Hailey- a short drive from Sun Valley. If you don’t feel like being outside, go cheer on the local team at the ice rink. Plus, if that inspires you, the rink also offers a public skate period for adults and children. 


Snowmobiling in Idaho is a beloved sport; and there are great trails located all over the state. A few worth mentioning: Baker Creek, Fairfield, and Galena Pass. There are over 300 miles of groomed trails and open play areas in the region, with the option of guided or unguided tours. Don’t forget to check regulations before you head out, as not all areas are open for traffic. 


Coeur d’ Alene

We were happy to welcome a new team and store to our RedLine family this past year. The new location is located less than 20 minutes from the heart of Coeur d’ Alene  and has great access to all kinds of activities in the surrounding cities. 

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It’s no surprise that more snowmobiling locations are making the list. The two major areas worth mentioning include Roman Nose and Canuck Basin in the Selkirk and Purcell Mountains, respectively. Once again, open play areas and groomed trails grace this region, making this northern Idaho area a mecca for all kinds of snow sports. 



Stanley, Idaho is a bit of a under-discovered gem, in our opinion. Idaho locals know about the town and all it has to offer, but outsiders don’t always know about this well- kept secret. 


If you like being outside in the cold, with the crisp air and untouched snow around you, try backcountry skiing. There are a ton of options for trails and guided tours in this area, with unmatched terrain and untouched powder. 


If skiing isn’t your speed, try snowshoeing or sledding instead. Take a slower pace with snowshoeing into Redfish Lake; or ride down a hill with a sled or even a laundry basket. There are options for both activities near the Sawtooth Mountains or Park Creek and the surrounding areas that are sure to bring fun for everyone.



It may seem obvious, but a lot of our team loves to stay close to home during the colder months! Luckily, Boise has a ton of activities to offer to those of us who like to stay indoors and outdoors when the weather turns. 


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Bogus Basin is a ski and snowboard resort – complete with a tubing hill for those of us less coordinated individuals- that has been around since 1942. Only about an hour away from the Boise city center, this is a must for families that don’t want the hassle of driving too far to get their snow- sport fill. 


Winter Garden aGlow is a holiday light show developed by the Idaho Botanical Garden that boasts a stunning display of over 400,000 lights over almost the entire garden. This amazing show runs from November 22 to January 1, rain or shine, and during holidays!


We would be remiss in not mentioning the Idaho Potato Drop on New Years’ Eve.  This new-ish event started six years ago and is a free community event that supports local businesses, arts, and charities. With activities for children and adults, plus the giant potato drop at midnight, this is an event that has brought notoriety to Boise and that many enjoy.



Honorable mentions:

Ashton Dog Derby- Ashton, ID

Bonneville Hot Springs- Boise National Forest, ID 

Idaho City Yurts- Idaho City, ID 

Island Park Cabins and snowmobiling- Island Park, ID


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YouTube Videos

youtube polaris 1Be sure to periodically check out RedLine Recreational Toy's YouTube channel.  There you'll find How-To videos, event information and much more.

Here's a sampling of the How-To videos.

Changing a belt on a 2013 Polaris PRO RMK 800 snowmobile

Whether you’re out on a trail ride or high-marking the tallest mountains you can find, knowing how to change the belt on your machine can be a crucial element of your experience if you lose or blow a belt. The following video offers a step-by-step instruction of how to change a belt on RedLine’s Polaris machines.

Changing A Belt Video

Read more: YouTube Videos

Equipment Training & Boat Demos

Equipment Training and Boat Demostraining-and-demos-1

Training is a critical component of the RedLine Experience. Understanding how to operate the equipment safely and confidently is vital to having FUN! At RedLine, we strive to provide the best training possible on any and all equipment prior to your trip.

Boat Demos

Boat demos are required before any Member can check out a boat. The demo must be specific to the type of boat the Member is reserving and using. Demos will be performed at the lake by a RedLine customer service representative.

Upon arriving at the lake, RedLine will demonstrate how to properly put the boat in the water, boat ramp etiquette, how to operate all the functions within the boat, how to re-dock the boat, and how to put the boat back on the trailer.

Boat demos usually take 45 minutes to an hour - please plan accordingly.

Personal Watercraft Training

As required by the State of Idaho, all RedLine Members, registered guests, or anyone operating  a PWC while in the possession of a Member, must watch the required PWC video, pass a two page test and carry a PWC Certification card. The eight minute video can be viewed in the office. The test and certification card will be issued immediately by RedLine staff.

Snowmobile Training

All Members wishing to reserve and use snowmobiles must complete an Avalanche Awareness course taught by Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. This course covers how to identify and avoid avalanches and how to identify safe areas to ride.

Additional snowmobile training will occur at the time of checkout. Basic functions, general safety, and how to properly change a belt are all covered during this time.

RedLine is ready and willing to provide additional instruction on the mountain for Members who are new to snowmobiling or would just like a refresher. These will be scheduled in advance through the RedLine office.

Spring Break Destinations

burgdorf hot springsSpring Break Destinations

Spring break can be the best and most diverse time of year to take a trip with your family. Depending on the exact dates of your family’s spring break and the weather at that time, your plans can range from a snowmobile trip to a road trip. Here’s a few ideas for various weather scenarios.

  1. Snowmobile to Burgdorf Hot Springs

    Nestled in the mountains north of McCall, the hot springs at Burgdorf offer a great day trip or even an overnight stay. The hot pools and cabins are open 7 days a week and 365 days a year. In the winter and spring, the road is closed to vehicles and requires snowmobiles to ride in. Cozy cabins are available to rent for overnight stays. Visit for information about rates and reservations.

  2. Oregon Coast RV Trip

    The Oregon Coast is a popular vacation destination for RV'ers, especially Idaho travelers. From the northern most coastal town of Astoria, to the southern most of Brookings-Harbor, fun can be found up and down the coast. A nine to ten hour drive, depending on the exact destination, makes for an attainable trip, especially with week off for spring break. Coastal vacationers can find fishing excursions, sand dunes, charter boats, clamming, and more along our neighboring states coast. can help you select a destination and plan events and activity based on the location.

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Epic Wake Boat Set Up


How To Set Up Wakeboats For Surfing, Wakeboarding, Skiing, and more!

Epic Wake Boats possess the largest stock ballast tanks in the industry – offering a functional and dynamic boat for several applications. Surfing, wakeboarding, skiing and tubing can all be performed at a high level behind RedLine’s competition wake boats.

Surfing is one of the hottest new recreational activities in the country. Epic Wake Boats throw one of the steepest surf wakes you’ll find. In order to get the perfect surf, you have to understand how to operate the ballast system and wake plate. First, identify which foot the rider prefers to ride with forward (closest to the boat when in the water) – then adjust the boats settings accordingly:

For “Goofy” riders (right foot forward) – Fill the right tank full, front tank full, wake plate up, speed 10.8 – 11.2 MPH. In test drives, we’ve found 10.9 to be the optimal speed at Lucky Peak.

For “Regular” riders (left foot forward) – Fill the left tank full, front tank full, wake plate up, speed 10.8 -11.2 MPH. In test drives, we’ve found 10.9 to be the optimal speed at Lucky Peak.

Read more: Epic Wake Boat Set Up