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Summer Equipment: Water Edition

Summer is finally here and you know what that means! Summer equipment roundup: water edition!


Water sports season is our busiest season, and for good reason! With the warm weather, outdoor activities are easy, fun, and enough for the whole family to enjoy. We’ve piled the best summer equipment Redline utilizes over the summer.






Wake Boats: Wake boats are by far the most popular piece of water equipment Redline has. The ability to tow boards and tubes, along with their high capacity make them ideal watercraft for the family. Redline runs three different types of wake boats in our fleet, typically. At the moment, we have Axis T22 and A22, which hold 15 people; a line of MB’s, which hold 14 people; and a Mastercraft, which seats 11 people.  




Pontoon Boats: Pontoons are amazing because they’re a relaxational boat, while also creating a wake big enough to pull a towable. Redline’s pontoon boats hold anywhere from 10-14 people- depending on the size of the human- with brands like Sunchaser, Sweetwater, and Veranda.



Jet Ski’s: Redline currently carries two types of jet ski’s: Sea- Doo and Kawasaki Ultra’s. Both brands are 1-3 person, sit down- type jet ski’s that offer a fun time for everyone!






Redline uses a number of brands for our towables and other equipment. We carry wake boards, wakesurf boards, knee boards, water skis, tubes, life- jackets, and paddle boards. For boards, Redline carries Hyperlite, an amazing board company with more than 27 years of wake experience. Hyperlite is also a Redline vendor, so if our members see something online that we don’t have in store, our team can order it to be delivered.


As always, Western Power Sports comes in at an amazing price for Redline members as well, offering an array of equipment, from Fly branded life vests to boards and tubes. WPS is a brand we know and trust very much, so we always recommend checking out their apparel, accessories, and even parts for your watercraft.

New Fleet Member Alert!

We’ve got new UTV’s! Redline has updated our UTV’s to the 2019 Kawasaki Teryx’s! These awesome machines are just as amazing and reliable as the 2018 versions that we still have in our fleet, but with some updated features. These four seated, 4WD UTV’s offer updated comfort, with high backed, fully bolstered seating for even the rough spots you find yourself in.

Image result for 2019 kawasaki teryx

Image result for 2019 kawasaki teryx


The 2019’s still have the same camo print, for those of you that use them to hunt; along with the same 800cc engines for ultimate power and drive. The Teryx is known for its power and versatility, and this 2019 update is ready to tackle the toughest of your off-roading obstacles. 


WIth all these new features, along with the ones that established the great reputation of the Kawasaki Teryx, make us at Redline so excited for what this summer and fall will bring for our trail adventures. This machine truly is the ultimate off- road adventure partner. 

Hitch Up- We're Going On Vacation

Road trip season is coming up and we are excited! Hitting the road with your family or friends is an amazing experience that everyone should get. Here at Redline, we run large and small Class C RV’s, along with a variation of camp trailers to fit all needs. In the next few months, our blog will have an RV/camper focus for anyone who might want to utilize this mode of transportation this summer. To start, we’ve made a list of reasons why RV’s and campers are some of the best ways to travel.


Forced Family Fun Time

We’re joking about the forced part, but It is true that family bonding increases exponentially when everyone is in the same space together. Redline’s RV’s and campers can fit up to eight adults comfortably (Large Class C RV) and even more if you’re with kids.


Get Comfy Ya’ll

Campers and RV’s mean that you have everything you need right there. Equipped with beds, bathrooms, kitchens, closets, and more, this equipment should fulfill every need you’d have while on the road. You can fully stock your kitchen to avoid hitting up so many fast food spots or throw your own pillow in so you don’t have to use a hotel one. It’s the comfort of home, wherever you want.


Ditch the Bags

Like we mentioned before, these RV’s and camper’s come equipped with closets and bathrooms. Ultimately, this means that you can ditch those bulky luggage sets and just pack everything right into the vehicle. Utilize the cupboards, closet space, and bathroom drawers to create more space and avoid the double or triple unpack/repacking conundrum.


Size Matters

There are so many different sized vehicles to choose from. Redline’s fleet consists of Class C RVs -both small and large- in addition to a multitude of campers for everyone. Our small Class C RV starts at 26 feet while our large is 28 feet long. The camp trailers at Redline are all ½ ton (for inclusive driving abilities) and range in length and size. These options are essential for those with big or small traveling groups.


Should We Go Left? Or Right?

Our favorite part of roadtripping in an RV or camper is the freedom. That’s the freedom of going wherever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to keep track of plane tickets or hotel reservations. Your schedule is totally up to you. So, if you decide to take that left fork on the road instead of the planned right turn? You won’t be missing out on anything in your schedule, so do it.


Just Be Safe, Just Keep Swimming

We keep saying it, and it’ll eventually be here: summer! Summer is a fan favorite for so many reasons and a lot of those have to do with getting in the water. But with so much fun comes an aspect of danger. Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury-related death, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths. And drowning isn’t even the only danger of the water. Here are some top tips for keeping yourself and your family safe on the water this year.


ALWAYS Wear A Life Jacket

Children 12 and under are required to wear a lifejacket; 13 and older are highly encouraged. There should also always be as many lifejackets as there are people on the boat so everyone can be safe


Know The Hazards of the Water

There can be rocks or other naturally occurring hazards in the water- especially in the spring with run off coming down off the mountains


Know Your Limits

Don’t head for big water until you have plenty of experience and be honest with yourself! If you don’t feel comfortable in a given set of conditions, return to shore. You should also always be aware that some watercraft may not be suitable for your water geography.


Impairment= Accidents

Don’t use watercraft if you shouldn’t be driving an automobile; BUI laws are a real thing and apply to all vessels.


Carry the Essentials in Every Watercraft Vessel

Communications; comfort- pack extra, dry clothes in a dry bag; safety- flags, lifejackets, etc.


Prepare for the Worst Case Scenario

Be aware how weather is changing and how that affects the water and plan accordingly


Know the Danger of Cold Water Immersion

The average water temperature of Idaho’s water is 52o F, even in the summer. Know the stages of cold water immersion; cold shock, swim failure, hypothermia, and post immersion collapse


Know Your Laws

Boating laws and federal requirements for boats vary from state to state, so make sure you’re aware and comfortable with all the laws of your state and comply with them.


It’s always a good idea to do your own research for every extracurricular you participate in, and water sports are no different. As always, be aware of your surroundings, protect yourself, and be prepared to have the best water experience every time.

By A Landslide

Of course, we’re all excited that spring is here and warm weather is on the way. But with that comes the melting snow and shifting earth that can lead to some pretty serious safety issues and damage. Landslides and mudslides are a serious natural disaster that has occurred in all 50 states. Caused by snowmelt and heavy rainwater, among other factors, landslides can cause significant damage to structures, acreage, and human life. We’ve piled together a small list of safety tips to remember during this rainy season. Keep in mind, there are always more safety tips around, so make sure to do your own research if you are located in a danger zone.



  1. Create an evacuation plan for yourself and your family (including pets)
  2. Assemble/ maintain an emergency preparation kit
  3. Be familiar with the land and area
  4. Watch out for patterns of water drainage


During Storms:

  1. Evacuate out of area if possible
  2. Listen for sounds that indicate moving debris
  3. Be alert while driving- collapsed pavement, mud, fallen rocks, etc.
  4. Look for tilted trees, telephone poles, fences, etc.


During Mudslide:

  1. Get out of path of debris flow
  2. Move to highest ground away from debris path



  1. Stay away from site- additional slides may occur
  2. Report broken utility lines
  3. Watch for flooding- can cause shifting earth

Open For Business!

It’s finally May! That means the Spring Shores Marina is going to open this month and that summer is finally on the way!


Spring Shores is a customer-favorite location, as we have equipment in the water waiting for members, and that it’s a short drive from anywhere in Boise. This is the third summluckypeak-2.jpger that Redline has run Spring Shores, and every year it gets bigger and better as we make improvements.


This summer, Redline will be having a number of events to bring awareness to the Spring Shores Marina store. We have started renovating our kitchen, brought in more seating, and revamped our menu to suit every customer’s needs.


The Marina will officiallybe opening the weekend of May 17-21, with Friday open 9 am- 9 pm; Saturday and Sunday open 12 pm- 9pm. Regular hours – 9 am – 9pm every day- start after Memorial Day.


Keep an eye out for further scheduled events at the Marina. We want to see all our friends and family taking advantage of this awesome state park that we love!

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