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Everything You Wanted to Know About RedLine

RedLine often gets questions about our memberships, our equipment, or just how the whole concept works. As we start 2019, we want to share exactly what makes RedLine so special and why it's a great idea for families all over the PNW. We came up with the top 15 questions we get asked regularly to answer for all members or potential new members. 


What is RedLine?

RedLine Recreational Toys uses toy sharing to revolutionize the convenience, ease, and affordability of family fun and recreation. Toy sharing eliminates the hassles of maintenance, storage, insurance, taxes, licensing and registration by allowing members access to entire fleet of vehicles that they would otherwise have to own. RedLine provides a way for families to enjoy boats, PWCs, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, campers, motor homes, and more, without the high costs of renting or the hassles of owning.

Where is RedLine?

Our main office is located in Meridian, but we have other locations for pickup/ drop-off at Spring Shores Marina and in McCall

How much does a membership cost?

The best part about our memberships is that they’re completely customizable to our members’ needs. We put information into an equation and take into account the equipment the member needs, how often they’ll use it, and if they want a one-, three-, or five- year membership to come up with the recommended points. We also offer various payment arrangements to fit all needs.

How do points work?

Points will never expire during the membership and will rollover from year to year. As agreed and defined by each individual membership agreement, a set number of points are deposited into a member's account on their anniversary date of each membership year

Can I get more points?

All members are able to buy additional points at any time during their membership for their designated price-per-point. RedLine also has sales on extra points throughout the year- so keep an eye out on our monthly emails or social media for news of those sales.

What are the operating hours at all locations?

Meridian location:

Monday-Friday: 9 am- 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am- 5 pm
Sunday: Office closed- shop open for pick up/drop-off

McCall location:

Monday- Friday: 9 am- 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am- 5 pm
Sunday: Office closed- shop open for pick up/ drop- off

Spring Shores Marina: (summer hours) 

Monday- Sunday: 9 am- 9 pm

What hours can I pickup/drop-off equipment?

If the equipment is being used for one day, members will pick up at 10 am and drop- off at 9 am the next day. If a member is using equipment for two or more days, there is convenient pick-up and drop-off times to allow members to get their toys after 3 pm the day BEFORE their reservation begins and drop off before 10 am the morning AFTER the reservation ends.

How does pickup at McCall or the Spring Shores Marina work?

Pick up at the McCall location is the same as the Meridian location. It’s pick up the afternoon before and drop-off the morning after your scheduled reservation. Pick up at Spring Shores Marina is a little different than our other locations. Here the boats, pontoons and PWC’s are already in the water ready to go! We offer four hour and eight hour reservations (partial day) as well as multi-day reservations.

What are your most used vehicles?

Idaho is known for its hot, sunny summers and cold, snowy winters. Our most-used summertime equipment are our wake boats as well as our PWC’s.  Our most-used wintertime equipment is our mountain and trail snowmobiles.

What’s availability like?

Availability will vary depending on the time of year and piece of equipment you are wanting to reserve. Major holidays are going to have the least availability as those days are the first to get reserved. Our partial day reservations open up availability for those just looking to go out for just the day or a few hours! Every year we continue to grow our fleet to make sure there is availability and that our members are satisfied. All members are encouraged to book equipment ahead of time and are able to reserve up to one year in advance.

What equipment does my membership let me utilize?

Anything and everything! Your membership isn’t limited by vehicles. You can use any vehicle for as long as you need as long as your points and the equipment are available.

How do I book equipment?

To book equipment, you can go to our site using your login info and book from there, email one of our team members, or you can call our office to get reserved over the phone.

What happens if something breaks down or gets damaged in the middle of my reservation?

We do have a 24/7 on-call service number that all members are encouraged to call in the event there is an issue with their equipment. Our team will try to diagnose and fix the problem over the phone, and if that’s not possible, we have the resources to send someone to you to fix the issue or replace the vehicle. If none of that is possible, we will refund the points to the members.

Am I liable for damaged equipment?

In the event that a vehicle is damaged, the member is liable to pay up to our deductible on that piece of equipment. If a member wants to use their own insurance, they are welcome to. If the damage doesn’t exceed our deductible, the member will be responsible for paying us to fix it- the cost of labor and the dealer cost on parts, which is generally much less than taking the equipment to an external mechanic.

Is extra equipment provided with the vehicles?

Depending on the vehicle, there are pieces of safety equipment that will come along with it. On our boats and PWC’s, we provide four to 10 PFD’s (depending on which boat is reserved), with the ability to rent more. For vehicles that require helmets, we have them available for rent. We do recommend our members also have their own protective gear on hand, if they have it. During the summer, we have kneeboards, tubes, water-skis, wakeboards, surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks, and more to supplement your summer activities.